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Another cake..


I know this looks very much like the last cake, but it’s very different, even down to the method.
This is this recipe, except I made it with lemons. It is right on the border of being too lemony, but it works fine for me.


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Tasty, tasty cake


Utilising the new oven for making cake.

Might try making this mix into cupcakes. Have already made a pear one.

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Om nom nom…


They worked ot well (as far as I can tell anyway). Not too sweet. Yum.

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Baking biscuits

New oven and a new recipe might not work out being my best idea…

But these look interesting. Oh and add into the above, using gluten free flour…

Glutton for punishment. Obviously!

Look out for photos later….

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*Insert appropriate title *

First Glove of Doom is done but for the fingers and I have cast on the second!

After all the messing about and the confusion, they turned out to be remarkably straight forward. I’m not saying I could knit the second one in my sleep, but less traumatic than they appeared. The secret was to just knit them and not think about it too much.

I also started dupe stitching the second flower, if I take it in little bits it should be OK. One of the first things I need to do when I get a job is get new glasses!

Today will be a day of jobstuff, washing dishes and a bit of food shopping. I used the last of the coffee. NOOOOO! Technically, I used the last pod, and there are beans that I can grind, but still ARRGH! The pods are much less faffy and troublesome, and the machine makes a cup (not a mug) with no muss or fuss. I have 2 cups first thing, and although that equates to a mug, it’s just not the same at all.

If I have time with all that I might make some more Bourbon biscuits. Although since I ate ALL of the last batch in about 2 days this may not be cunning. I really don’t eat much of my own baking. I get a notion to either eat something or bake something, I make it, eat one or 2 pieces then proceed to feed it to all and sundry, as my sweet tooth is easily satisfied. Not so with these babies. I ate all ten and wanted MORE!

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So, I baked

Some home made Bourbon biscuits.

They looked and tasted amazingly good, and I will definitely be making more of these.


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The gloves were knitting up great, but I realised they were also knitting up huge…

I have frogged them, and will reknit on smaller needles. I will though, need to go and buy those needles as the 2.5mm I was using were the smallest I currently have. Ravelry says 2mm needles for Maahinen. I need to go to John Lewis today anyway so I will see what they have.

I’ve decided I really do need a printer, it’s just not practical to take the laptop out so that I can have access to my PDF knitting patterns.

I also finally finished my Fire and Brimstone. Only issue was that in knitting the correct bust size, the shoulders ended up too wide. After taking all this time to finish it, there was no way I could frog it. Luckily a certain Pidlike friend visited and it suited her… seems I am knitting her an entire new wardrobe as the Kahluraa also ended up being hers. I am debating making gluten free cheesecake today. It needs to cool with the oven, I could make it and leave it in the oven when I go out. Or do it later….

I need more coffee before making any decisions.

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