10 things

I have learned in the last few days

  1. How to do a nice crocheted provisional cast on.
  2. That lace doesn’t need to be scary.
  3. Knitting lace and watching tv do not mix a) you mess up the knitting b) whilst fixing the mess you made of the knitting you miss a huge chunk of the programme you are watching.
  4. Attempting to knit lace after a long day, on 4 hours sleep, is a slightly surreal experience.
  5. It’s amazing how creative your language can get whilst attempting to knit lace after a long day on 4 hours sleep…
  6. You never knew that cat could look like she was asking for ear plugs just by twitching her ears at you like that.
  7. The cat gets pointy when you wake her up looking for the stitch markers she is lying on.
  8. She also gets pointy when you try to move her off your yarn.
  9. And when you try to stop her playing with the ends of your lifeline.
  10. Using an autumnal coloured yarn comes in handy for hiding the bloodstains from the scratches you have on your hands after the cat has been pointy that many times.

I may have more to add later


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