I was blind, but now I see..

So the lace knitting is.. ongoing.

I’ve had to rip it back due to various phone calls interrupting me midrow and me losing my place. I had started to see where some stitches were meant to go, so spotted errors fairly quickly when I made them. Then I had a break through, I wrote out the pattern repeat (bear in mind I have read it several times) and I *saw* the pattern. Saw what each stitch was there to do and its place in the pattern.

It’s like looking at a map in a strange city and suddenly knowing where you are.

What this means for me is that now, not only will I be able to see my mistakes more quickly but, I will also be able to work out how better to fix them without having to rip back rows and rows. I will *know* where I am now when anyone calls and, although I’m not good enough to be able to continue to knit and talk to them, I will know EXACTLY what to do next.

Luuuubs teh knitting!


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